David T. Ly, DDS
Specializing in Pediatric dentistry


Dr. Ly offers nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for the slightly anxious child. Nitrous oxide helps a child who is cooperative but worried about various aspects of their appointment. It helps alleviate anxiety about having instruments placed in the mouth. Nitrous oxide isn’t for everyone, however. It requires a certain amount of cooperation from the child, as they are required to breathe only through a plastic apparatus placed over their nose. If the child is too young or too anxious to sit in a chair and breathe through a nose-piece, nitrous oxide is not an option.

Nitrous oxide is an extremely safe sedation option. When your child is breathing nitrous oxide they are receiving more oxygen than they are getting in room air!

​​Our goal is to help your child grow into an adult who routinely and comfortably seeks dental care. This often requires extra time with your child, distraction through many of our child friendly amenities, or in some cases the use of appropriate sedatives. It is very important to discuss with Dr. Ly any bad experiences or fears your child may have in order to provide the best possible care for your child.

Dr. Ly's office was designed for infants, children and teens.

From the games in the waiting room, to the life-sized wall art,

to the televisions each child can watch, kids feel right at home.

It's a unique atmosphere that helps children relax and enjoy

their experience. Children deserve to experience a gentle, caring

approach to their dental care.