What is Conscious Sedation?

Oral sedation utilizes medications (typically Versed and Vistaril) to help alleviate anxiety.

Oral sedation is an excellent option for children who are too anxious for nitrous oxide alone, but have limited treatment needs (for example one filling, one extraction). Oral sedation does not last very long, therefore children with more extensive treatment needs are best treated with IV sedation, rather than numerous oral sedations.

Your child will need to be able to drink a small amount (2 tablespoons) of medication.

As with IV sedation it is important that your child arrive to the appointment with an empty stomach (NO FOOD OR WATER) six hours prior to the appointment.

Your child will be monitored according to the AAPD guidelines for sedation.


Most of the bleeding should have subsided by the time you have left the office. It is important to keep pressure on the extraction area for about 30 minutes after extraction. This can be done with the gauze provided when you left the office. If your child's tooth was If the site begins to bleed again, have the child bite on wet gauze for 10 minutes.


Most likely swelling after an extraction is due to your child biting the area that was anesthetized without realizing it. Place ice bags around the area if it is the day of extraction. Call to make an appointment to evaluate the severity of the swelling. If the swelling is rapidly progressing call us as soon as possible.

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​​Becomes Loose

If the appliance is very loose and can be easily removed from mouth, take appliance out and place in a safe place. If slightly loose, leave in mouth. Call for an appointment to have appliance recemented as soon as possible.

Teeth Are coming In

If the adult teeth are starting to erupt where the prematurely lost baby was please make an appointment to have your child evaluated for the removal of the space maintainer.

David T. Ly, DDS